How Much Do Energy-Efficient Windows Cost?

the interior of a home with energy-efficient windows installed

Researching the Cost of Energy-Efficient Windows? Here Are a Few Price Ranges to Expect

Replacing your windows is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency in your home. Not only does this help to make your home greener and more sustainable, but more efficient windows will help to cut down on heating and cooling costs, saving money on your energy bills. But what cost can you expect to pay for windows that are more energy-efficient? The answer can vary quite a bit.

Here at Xtreme Exteriors, we’ve provided window replacement and installation services for homeowners throughout the Midwest for years now. Increasingly, homeowners are opting for energy-efficient windows, trading the upfront cost for savings in the long run. Here’s what you can expect to pay for efficient windows, as well as a few factors that impact the cost.

What Do Energy-Efficient Windows Cost?

Energy-efficient windows can cost anywhere from around $600 on the lower end to $4,600 on the higher end. This is a very wide range, of course, and this is because the cost per window will be greatly impacted by the type of windows you have, the overall number of windows you’re installing, the brands you choose, and much more. Let’s take a look at some more specific numbers.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are an industry standard, and very common in homes throughout the U.S. As the standard, typical window, these tend to account for the lower end of the installation price range.

For energy-efficient windows, the price range may fall around $600–$1,500 per window for materials and labor. Of course, while certain sizes are more common than others—30/50, or 36”x52” is common in double-hung windows—there is no set standard for double-hung windows. The exact size of the window will impact the final price significantly.

Twin Windows

In some cases, double-hung windows may appear in a home as “twins.” This simply means a window that is composed of two double-hung windows that are side by side. Accordingly, you can expect the price of energy-efficient twin windows to approximately double, typically ranging from around $1,000–$3,000. 

Picture Windows

Of course, some homes also have larger and more specialized windows, such as bay windows or picture windows, that serve to let in more light and provide a focal point both inside and out. Because these windows are much larger, they’re also more expensive to replace.

For instance, picture windows are available in many styles, and one of the most common is called “quarter-half-quarter.” These windows feature a large picture window in the middle along with two smaller windows on either side—that is, a quarter portion of the window, then a half, then a quarter.

To install energy-efficient windows like this, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $2,600–$4,600. This price reflects both the larger product and the increased labor required to install picture windows.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Energy-Efficient Windows

While these price ranges should generally encompass the cost of various types of energy-efficient windows, there are still more factors that will impact the exact price tag.

For instance, the manufacturer you choose will play a key role, so be sure to compare options from top companies like Pella, Alside, Andersen, and more. The material used in your window frame will also impact the cost, as wood, vinyl, and aluminum all have their own pros and cons.

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