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Wood look siding provides a unique aesthetic, adding warm, rustic tones while delivering superior durability to shield it from the elements. Our team at Xtreme Exteriors installs a variety of wood-look products that will add a timeless, elegant beauty to your home. Reach out today for a quote!

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Top Local Wood Siding Contractors

At Xtreme Exteriors, our team has been installing siding since our company was founded. With more than 20 years in the industry, we’re the top siding contractors in the Midwest, and our experienced team is well-versed in the installation of a wide variety of wood look siding products. What’s more, all new siding installations completed by our team are backed by a 2-year labor warranty.

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Still not sure what will look best for your home? Use our siding visualizer to remove the guesswork and see how your home will look with different styles, colors, and more. Our siding visualizer is a great way to start the planning process, enabling you to try before you buy.

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Natural Beauty That Can’t Be Beat


When it comes to beautifying your home through new siding installation, it’s difficult to beat the aesthetic of wood look siding. This style provides a stunning traditional look with an unmatched level of durability. The matte look, feel, and texture of wood simply can’t be matched by other products, and with a wide variety of products available, you can tailor your wood look siding to get the exact appearance you want.
We install a large catalog of natural wood, manufactured wood, and wood look siding products from industry-leading manufacturers including:


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Artisan Siding

On the other hand, the Artisan line of products from James Hardie brings with it the thick, distinctive profiles homeowners loved, with broadly spaced lines to create a clean, contemporary feel while recalling the tradition of materials like cedar. Choose from Square Channel, Shiplap, and V Groove options.

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Architectural Collection

The Hardie Architectural Collection enables homeowners to achieve their dream design, with options ranging from rustic and traditional to cutting-edge and contemporary.

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The top-selling James Hardie product on the market, the Hardie Plank lap siding line is also available in the gorgeous shades of the Magnolia Collection.

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Panel siding is the main vertical option available to homeowners. The elegant colors of the Magnolia Collection mesh well with the clean, attractive vertical lines created by James Hardie panel siding.

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A classic, textured look, shingle siding can create rustic, staggered edges or clean lines, depending on your preferred look. Both arrangements look excellent with a wide variety of the Magnolia colors available.

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Lap siding, known for its traditional horizontal overlap pattern, offers both aesthetic appeal and practical advantages for homeowners. The interlocking structure of lap siding enhances durability, minimizes moisture infiltration, and requires minimal maintenance, making it a popular choice for those seeking a timeless and resilient siding option.

Lap Siding

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Shake siding is a classic and textured alternative to traditional siding options. The staggered placement of individual shakes lends a rustic charm, adding depth and visual interest to any home’s exterior. Evoking a sense of authenticity and timeless elegance, shake is a popular choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring design aesthetic.

Shake Siding

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Board & Batten

Board and batten siding has surged in popularity as a timeless and versatile exterior design choice. The vertical arrangement of wide boards and narrow battens not only creates a visually striking pattern but also offers a durable and weather-resistant solution, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a home.

Board & Batten Siding

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While true wood siding has long declined in popularity, the look of wood siding has remained timeless. To meet this demand, wood look siding materials are consistently engineered and improved upon to provide the natural look homeowners love along with superior durability and reliability. Our wood-look products stand out as some of the most versatile and durable siding options on the market. Crafted from materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or engineered woods, wood-look siding offers exceptional fire resistance, durability, longevity, and insulating properties.
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Flexible Financing Options

Our goal at Xtreme Exteriors is to make the siding installation process as simple as possible for homeowners. To make the entire process less stressful, we offer multiple flexible payment structures through our trusted financing partners, ensuring your new siding can fit the demands of your budget. Learn more about our financing options.

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Whether you’re looking to replace aging siding or you’re ready for a new look, our team is ready to lend our wealth of siding installation experience and skill to your project. Book a consultation with one of our siding specialists, and have a quote in hand before we leave your property. That’s right, we’ll provide a written quote the same day, arming you with the information you’ll need to compare bids and select the right local contractor for your project.
Not ready to make a decision? We get it! Take your time, compare pricing and get back to us when you’re ready to transform your home with wood look siding!

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Frequently asked questions

What siding options are available that look like wood without the maintenance?

There are truly limitless options when it comes to wood look siding. We work with a long list of the industry’s top siding manufacturers to deliver the appearance of wood with less maintenance demands, including vinyl, aluminum, and manufactured wood.

Can you paint or stain wood look siding?

Wood look siding generally should not be painted. However, these products are available in a wide range of colors so you’re sure to get the exact look your home needs.

What is faux wood siding?

Faux wood (or “wood look”) siding is siding that is engineered to have the appearance of traditional wood siding without the risks and maintenance requirements of true wood products.