Full Exterior Remodel Spotlight: Outdoor Living Reimagined

results of a full home exterior remodel completed by Xtreme Exteriors contractors

Our Exterior Remodel Contractors Completely Transformed This Home

At Xtreme Exteriors, our team has been transforming homes for decades. While some projects have been straightforward—some new windows here, a roof replacement there—others demand our wide-ranging skills to completely transform a home’s outdoor space. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re focusing on a project where the professional remodel contractors at our Shawnee location completed a full overhaul of this home exterior. 

The result was a brand new custom deck and fiber cement siding that expanded the living space of this home and gave it a full facelift. Let’s take a look at this project.

Background and Client: Peculiar (MO) Engineers

Our client for this project was a pair of homeowners in Peculiar, MO, a suburb of Kansas City just southeast of our Shawnee location. Both homeowners were engineers, so they understood the critical importance of proper installation to ensure the longevity of their home upgrades. Safety was also of major importance to them, as they wanted their new deck to be both functional and child-friendly.

After plenty of research and homework on various home exterior remodel contractors, they ultimately chose Xtreme Exteriors for the project due to our affiliation with James Hardie products and experience in custom composite deck building.

The Project: A New Deck and James Hardie Siding Installation

Our clients were looking to completely overhaul the exterior of their home. They felt the best place to start would be with new siding and a completely rebuilt and renovated deck.

When this project started, their home had vinyl siding that both homeowners strongly disliked. They were hoping for a new look and more durable siding to protect their home. They also hoped to improve the layout and structure of their deck, with new safety features and long-lasting products.

Overall, they wanted to give their home a facelift, modernizing elements throughout the exterior to bring this home a more modern look and feel. 

underside of a custom deck installed by Xtreme Exteriors

The Challenge: Merging Dream Deck with Reality

After sitting down with our clients to get a full understanding of their needs and wants, our team started designing. We kept an open dialogue with our clients, using a home visualizer tool to map out various components of this exterior remodel and ensure the look they got would perfectly match their vision.

With the plan in place, our challenge became turning the custom deck design into a fully built deck. The deck for this project was complex and asymmetrical, and our team needed to plan carefully to ensure every angle was correct so that it blended seamlessly with the home. In addition, we wanted to make sure safety features were accounted for, the structure would be sound, and the use of nails would be minimized to meet our customer’s wishes.

The Result: A Complete Exterior Transformation

With our plan in place, our home exterior remodel contractors got to work bringing this project to life. We used an all-new 8.25” James Hardie Cedarmill lap siding with staggered edge shingles and Fiberon Horizon decking in Tudor Brown. The deck also featured RailFX cable railings.

The new deck was a major upgrade from the old, as we replaced rotting and splintering wood with a double-sided composite material with a finished appearance both above and below. In addition to the cable railings, the deck also included a gate at the top of the stairs to keep the children safe.

The new siding was primed and then painted with Sherwin-Williams Duration paint, and our team installed cedar posts for the deck to make a bigger statement. Finally, our team helped to rework and remodel the front entryway of this home, squaring off the garage doors to modernize the look of this home.

The result was a complete transformation, and we were glad to delight our customers with this project.

front of a home remodeled by expert exterior contractors at XE

Xtreme Exteriors: The Home Exterior Contractors for Your Remodel

At Xtreme Exteriors, we love nothing more than to help clients completely transform and beautify the exterior of their home. With our range of skills, decades of experience, and commitment to high-quality results, we’ll ensure your dream home becomes your reality home.

If you’re looking to give your home a complete facelift, Xtreme Exteriors is the team to call! Reach out to us today to get started with a free inspection.