Goodlettsville, TN: How Seasonal Weather Impacts Local Properties

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As Goodlettsville residents, we are aware of the unpredictable weather that characterizes our city. With sudden downpours, scorching sun, hail, high winds, and even the occasional winter surprise, Goodlettsville has it all. While diversity in the weather is beautiful, it also poses challenges for home maintenance.

At Xtreme Exteriors, our teams are living and working in Goodlettsville, proudly providing storm damage restoration services to our local community season after season. Today, we want to highlight the weather patterns we believe commonly affect Goodlettsville homes and how you can preserve your property.

Hailstorms & Destructive Winds

Spring is always deceiving. You might remember the surprising hail that hit the Goodlettsville area last year and the severe storms in Middle Tennessee the year before. These brief yet strong storms can cause significant damage.

  • Impact: Hail storms, even small ones, can damage your roof by cracking shingles and leaving your house vulnerable to leaks. Strong winds can also rip off the siding, or even knock down trees and affect both your roof and windows. Occasional tornadoes, like the ones that swept the region last year, can also pose devastating damage.

  • What You Can Do: Do not underestimate short hail storms and strong winds. We recommend regular inspections to identify vulnerabilities in the exterior of your house at an early stage. It is also essential to address damage right after extreme weather to avoid further complications. At Xtreme Exteriors, we offer storm damage services you can rely on after a storm.

Explore these impacts in Goodlettsville, TN to keep you informedGoodlettsville’s Summers with Intense UV Rays & Relentless Sun

“It’s like a sauna, but without spa benefits,” – that’s how Tennessee National depicts summertime in our state. Jokes aside, Goodlettsville’s summers come with ultraviolet (UV) rays, whose long-term effects on local homes can be significant.

  • Impact: Over time, intense UV rays can fade siding’s colors, making your home look weathered. They can also cause your windows to become brittle and prone to cracking. Even your doors aren’t immune – UV exposure damages door frames and makes them difficult to open and close.

  • What You Can Do: Choosing the right home exterior materials is crucial for Goodlettsville’s houses. Identifying a local company that has expertise in what our climate requires is a must. At Xtreme Exteriors, we offer a variety of siding options specifically designed to withstand summer heat. We also install high-quality windows that do not succumb to high temperatures and provide exterior door options built with durable materials.

Freeze-Thaw Cycles & Hidden Moisture in Goodlettsville Homes


Freeze-thaw cycles are quite frequent in our region. This happens when the temperature starts to fluctuate between freezing and above-freezing levels. Such weather conditions can affect our houses in various ways.

  • Impact: Freeze-thaw cycles can develop cracks in home exteriors, especially around areas with moisture infiltration. Fall rains can also leave moisture behind your siding or under roof shingles, and if left unchecked, this moisture can freeze and expand. This process can cause further cracks and potentially lead to mold growth, causing problems for your home’s structural integrity.

  • What You Can Do: Fall maintenance is essential to prepare your home for moisture-related issues and prevent issues before they appear. It’s also recommended to address any visual exterior damage right after spotting them. At Xtreme Exteriors, our seasoned team can thoroughly inspect your house and provide proper roofing services, eliminating any cracks or areas where moisture might be trapped.

Xtreme Exteriors: Your Goodlettsville Home Exterior Partner

Goodlettsville’s weather can be tough on your home. But Xtreme Exteriors is always here to help! We’re your local experts, offering over 20 years of experience and only top-rated materials.

We are proud to be the #1 James Hardie installer in the Midwest, so you know quality is guaranteed. With free inspections and financing options, we strive to stand behind our community.

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