Exterior Building Codes in Pittsburg, KS

closeup of a roof sloped according to building codes

Learn More About Pittsburg Building Codes & How to Find Them

Local building codes ensure that home projects are completed according to structural standards and safety regulations. Depending on the county or municipality, codes may vary greatly from city to city or be relatively similar across many different areas. While homeowners will rarely (if ever) need to apply for permits, knowing about local building codes and how to find these regulations can be useful.

As a company with multiple locations, our team at Xtreme Exteriors is always staying tuned in to changes in exterior building codes in Pittsburg and across all of our service areas. If you’re interested in building codes applying to your community, here are local codes to be aware of in Pittsburg and how to find relevant information for your home.

How to Find Local Building Codes

Years ago, knowing how to find local building codes could take some time to figure out depending on the city. It may have involved several phone calls or even a trip to City Hall or another government building.

These days, the best way to find local building codes is to simply visit your city government’s website. For residents in Pittsburg, KS, that website is here, and visitors can find information on building safety on this page.

Those interested in finding building codes should also search for county and state regulations as well. Here in Crawford County, however, there is no county building code. The state of Kansas also maintains no statewide building code, and instead adopts versions of the international building code.

Building Codes in Pittsburg

Pittsburg building codes generally fall under established national, international, and uniform building codes set by various safety organizations like the International Code Council. Building codes adopted by the city of Pittsburg with regulations relevant to exterior work include: 

  • 2012 International Building Code
  • 2012 International Residential Code
  • 2012 International Fire Code

These codes set out minimum requirements for things like the fire resistance of various building materials, required slopes for roofing, water resistance and sheathing requirements for siding, and much more.

How Do I Pull a Permit for Home Exterior Work?

The process for pulling a permit is generally straightforward. Generally, one will need to submit work plans and submit an application, then pass an inspection (or inspections) depending on the type of permit required.

That said, homeowners should never need to apply for building permits themselves. Because building codes are very nuanced, it’s the job of the contractor to be the subject matter expert. Whether you’re replacing your roof, installing siding, or building a new deck for your home, it is up to your contractor to know what permits may be needed and to include this step in their process.

Choosing a Pittsburg Contractor: Make Sure They Account for Permits

Pulling a permit is relatively common for many forms of home exterior work, particularly larger-scale projects like replacing your siding or installing a new roof. This means that when you evaluate Pittsburg contractors for your project, it’s important they account for the permitting process.

Ask your contractor directly about permitting, including whether they will pull permits themselves. In addition, it’s a good idea to ask if they’ve accounted for permitting in their bid, as the application often includes a fee.

Xtreme Exteriors: Your Trusted Local Home Exterior Contractor

At Xtreme Exteriors, we don’t believe in cutting corners, and we always account for permits when planning out home exterior projects. Building codes ensure homes are sturdy and safe for their occupants—and failing to adhere to codes can carry hefty fines for both contractors and homeowners.

As a locally owned and operated business, our team is well-versed in Pittsburg building codes, and the same is true for our other locations within their service areas. Our team will ensure your home’s beautiful transformation is completed expertly. Reach out today to get started with your project!