How to Measure a Window

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Looking to Replace Windows? Knowing How to Measure a Window Is Key

When it comes to installing new windows in your home, it’s important to know the precise size of the window or windows you’re looking for. Ordering incorrectly sized windows can lead to a host of problems and unnecessary expenses, so it’s crucial to get the right dimensions. This means homeowners should understand how to properly measure a window.

Measuring a window is not as simple as you might think, however, as the way that windows are sized can cause confusion. Here at Xtreme Exteriors, we always want to keep our customers informed and help them be more educated shoppers when it comes to their homes. If you’re planning a window replacement in Pittsburg, here’s how to correctly measure and size your windows. 

How to Measure a Window: Step By Step

Most of the steps to measure your window are quite straightforward. First, find your tape measure and go to one of the windows you need replaced. If they’re all the same size, you can measure the most convenient and accessible one. 

Use your tape measure to measure the length of your window (or the width), taking the length from the inner edge of one jamb to the other. Then do the same for the height. Write both numbers down, and then add them together. This will get you the United Inches total for your window, which is used in window sizing. For example, a window that is 30×50 inches would be 80 United Inches. 

What Are United Inches?

United Inches are a unit used specifically in the window industry to measure the linear size of a window frame. While it may seem like an odd or even inconvenient way to measure your window, these units are used throughout the window manufacturing industry to set prices for windows and window frames.

If you’ve ever seen a sale on windows, you may have seen United Inches mentioned somewhere in the advertisement. This is because sales will often apply to windows that are smaller than a certain size. 

Common Errors When Measuring a Window

Measuring a window may seem fairly straightforward, but we often find that those outside of the window installation industry can make a few common errors. As you go about measuring your windows, here are a few key pitfalls to avoid.

  • Multiplying the dimensions – United Inches are different from square inches. If you multiply the length by the height, you’ll wind up searching for a very different window size.
  • Inaccuracy – Sometimes the tape measure will be difficult to keep steady or your ability to accurately measure the window will otherwise be impeded. To avoid this problem, ask for a helping hand and/or take measurements multiple times to ensure you have the right dimensions.
  • Rounding down, not up – When you measure for United Inches, it’s important to round up to the nearest highest inch. This is because United Inches are used for pricing, and if your window is 80 ½ inches, it will be considered 81 when window shopping.

Call on the Professionals at Xtreme Exteriors

As you go about planning your window replacement, it’s essential to get the measurements exactly right. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have a professional measure your windows.

Our team at Xtreme Exteriors is here to help! We provide free, no-obligation quotes on window installation, and as part of that process we’re happy to take precise measurements to ensure you get the exact windows you need for your home. With decades of experience installing industry-leading brands like Andersen, Pella, and more, you can be confident in our high-quality installations.

If you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel of your home with brand-new windows, contact us to get a quote or visit the Xtreme Exteriors location nearest you.

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