Kansas City Storm Damage: The Aftermath

dark storm clouds potentially bringing hail damage to the area

Kansas City Has Already Had Its First Major Hail Storm (and More) in 2024

The 2024 storm season is a busy one already, with Kansas City experiencing a massive hail storm and several severe storm systems moving through our area over the past couple of months. Our Xtreme Exteriors teams in Shawnee, Nixa, and beyond have already been hard at work helping homeowners pick up the pieces and address major storm damage

Unfortunately, this is just the start of what’s already shaping up to be a very busy year for hail and home exterior damage. Here’s what you should know about the recent storms—and what to do if your home is damaged.

Large Hail Falls in Kansas City

Just before spring arrived, Kansas City experienced its first major hail storm of 2024. A major storm system swept through the region, dropping large hailstones throughout the area that caused massive property damage to your roof, siding, and other exposed property such as cars.

The hail from this storm was truly enormous, with some reaching the size of tennis balls or even larger. While this is not the largest hail the Kansas City area has ever experienced, nor the largest on the National Weather Service scale, it was more than enough to deal serious damage, leaving many homeowners looking for hail damage repair services.

Major Storm Damage in St. Robert

This was not the only storm system to pass through the area, as a couple weeks later another storm dealt severe damage throughout southern Missouri. St. Robert was among the towns hit hard, as storms brought high winds and hail reports in a system that stretched between Kansas City and Springfield, carrying through the state from west to east.

Our Nixa team has already been involved in making repairs and completing storm restoration projects in this area, helping homeowners get back on their feet.

A Busy Storm Season Already

Unfortunately, it’s looking like 2024 will be a very busy storm season, with multiple hail and tornado threats near Kansas City in the past few weeks. Our storm season typically begins in spring and carries through July, so homeowners can expect a few more months of this severe weather.

Know the Signs of Storm Damage

For homeowners across all of our service areas, it’s important to be aware of how to stay safe from storms—and what to do when you’re faced with storm damage. We recommend all homeowners monitor weather reports and stay prepared, moving to basements or lower floors when storm threats are high. 

If hail or high winds are expected, do your best to clear the area around your home of debris and property that could be damaged (such as by bringing furniture indoors or by parking your car in the garage, if possible).

After a storm passes and the weather is clear, complete a walk around your home and look for signs of storm damage including:

  • Dents in your roofing, siding, gutters, or deck
  • Cracked or broken shingles on your roof
  • Dark spots on your roof that may signal hail impacts
  • Excess asphalt granules below downspouts or around the edge of your roofline

Xtreme Exteriors: Your Partner for Storm Restoration

If you spot signs of storm damage to your home or if you’re not sure whether your home was damaged, reach out to our team here at Xtreme Exteriors. We’re the Midwest’s leading storm restoration experts, and our team has the expertise and skill to fully restore your entire home exterior after storms pass through—including your roofing, siding, and more.

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