Kansas City: How Our Notorious Severe Weather Affects Local Properties

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Kansas City experiences a wide range of extreme weather conditions, from hailstorms and high winds to freezing temperatures during the winter. We see it all. Unfortunately, so do our home’s exteriors. With a strong and well-maintained exterior acting as the first line of defense, we can better safeguard our homes from these weather patterns.

Our team at Xtreme Exteriors has been living and working in the Kansas City area for decades. Our experts know how to quickly identify storm damage and provide you with a plan to get your home back to its glory. Here are some of the major weather affecting Shawnee and the surrounding Kansas City area you need to prepare for.

The Weather Dangers We Face


Hailstorms are a frequent visitor in Kansas City, and the size of these icy projectiles can be surprising. We just recently saw hail the size of a softball affect our area. Typically, we don’t see hail that large on average. Traditional roofs are no match for the battering received from these hailstones, leaving them vulnerable to leaks and further damage.

Investing in a hail-resistant roofing material is crucial. When planning your new roof consider material specifically designed to withstand the impact of large hailstones. Proper installation techniques are also essential – a well-secured roof is less vulnerable.


Residents are well-acquainted with the sirens warning of a potential tornado in the Kansas City area. Living in tornado alley we understand the unpredictability and intensity severe weather fronts can bring. The destruction a tornado can do is self-explanatory, but always frightening. Residents recall the EF1 tornado in 2023 that caused damage in Lenexa.

High Winds

Powerful gusts of wind are another common occurrence across the central states. Kansas City is no exception, particularly in the spring and fall. During the spring we experience severe thunderstorms that bring high winds with them. Again in the fall, cold fronts generate gusty conditions as they move through the area. These winds can damage detached siding and even compromise the integrity of your roof. Loose exterior debris also becomes a dangerous projectile during high winds, potentially causing further harm to your property or your neighbor’s.

Heavy Rains

Heavy downpours are common in the spring and summer months. Thunderstorms not only bring the chance for high winds, tornadoes, and hail- but also heavy rains. Intense rainfall can happen quickly. Residents of Kansas City need to be vigilant and prepared for these storms. We know how quickly they can pop up during the spring and summer months.

Persistent moisture can damage siding materials. They also expose weaknesses around windows and doors, leading to leaks. Not to mention, roof damage from storms leaves your home’s roofing system vulnerable to leaks.

Cold Winters

Kansas City winters are cold, but keeping your home warm shouldn’t be breaking the bank for you. The temperature during the winter months can vary widely. Snowfall poses risks to homes throughout the winter season, especially during January and February where we see the most accumulation. We average a foot or more of snow yearly, and some deep freezes too. Winter storms also bring icy conditions when freezing rain moves through the area.

The stress of the fluctuating temperatures in the winter can affect roofs, desks, siding, and windows. Water can find its way into unassuming places and freeze causing damage to your home.

Dog Days of Summer

Our summers are already known for their hot temperatures, but recent trends suggest summers will remain hot. This means an increased threat to asphalt shingles as they can crack and curl under intense heat. The intense ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage roofs, siding, and decks when materials weaken over time.

Excessive heat buildup in your attic can further damage your roof and make your home uncomfortably hot. The temperature fluctuations from cool overnights and hot days cause repeated expansion and contraction and weaken wood, metal, and other materials of your home’s exterior.

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Kansas City’s unpredictable weather throws a lot at your home. Here at Xtreme Exteriors, we understand this better than anyone. We’re proud to be the #1 James Hardie installer in the Midwest, and an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means you can trust we use top-of-the-line materials and expert installation techniques.

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