Why You Shouldn’t Trust Storm Chasers

storm clouds with lightning near Goodlettsville, TN

Faced with Storm Damage? Hire a Local Roofing Contractor, Not a Storm Chaser

While the roofing industry has come a long way in the last couple of decades, homeowners should still be wary when hiring a contractor following a major storm. Storms tend to bring out the worst types of roofers, making it all the more essential for homeowners to seek out a trusted, local roofing contractor the next time a damaging storm sweeps through the area.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we’re focused on serving our community and providing high-quality, reliable roofing services. Here in Goodlettsville, the storm season is often busy for home exterior contractors—but homeowners should be wary of working with a roofing contractor from outside of our local area. Here’s why you should avoid storm chasers when it comes time for a storm damage repair or roof replacement

What Is a Storm Chaser?

The roofing industry has improved dramatically over the years, but many people are still distrustful of roofers as a whole. This is because the roofing industry has often attracted scam artists and other unethical contractors more focused on making a quick buck than delivering quality work. 

“Storm chasing” is a good example of such practices. Often, when a damaging storm passes through a location, out-of-town roofers will then canvass the area, going door to door to offer their services. While some may be doing honest work, the majority will be offering quick roof replacements at a shockingly low price—and by the time the homeowners realize their work was not up to par, the roofer will be long gone.

Why You Shouldn’t Work with Storm Chasers

There are many reasons why homeowners should avoid storm chasers and instead seek out a local roofing contractor to repair their roof and other home exterior storm damage. One reason is the quality of work mentioned above. Because storm chasers don’t depend on their reputation in a particular area, they aren’t under much incentive to do good work. Instead, their goal is to make money quickly—and the faster they can replace a roof, the sooner they can get paid, regardless of the quality.

In addition, they have no accountability when it comes to honoring warranties or guarantees. While homeowners may feel safe when a storm chaser offers a warranty for their work, the truth is these warranties generally aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on (if they’re even printed at all). Folks in the roofing industry refer to these as “tail light warranties,” as your roof is only covered for as long as you can still see their tail lights—before the roofer disappears, never to be seen again.

So while you can’t beat the upfront cost that storm chasers will quote, the reality is you’ll pay much more in the long run when your roof needs to be replaced within a few years—if it even lasts that long.

Advantages of a Local Roofing Contractor

Working with a local roofing contractor offers a number of advantages. For one, they’re here to stay, meaning you’ll always know how to get in touch with them. Local roofers depend on their reputation and are therefore committed to doing quality work.

In addition, local roofers have local connections. This includes familiarity with insurance providers and knowledge of the claims process, connections to manufacturers and distributors in the area, and knowledge of the local climate and typical threats to roofs in the area.

Xtreme Exteriors: Top Local Roofing Contractor in Goodlettsville

As a locally operated roofing and home exterior company, our team at Xtreme Exteriors lives in the same area where we work every day. We’re here to be a trusted partner for homeowners when it comes to roof replacements, siding replacements, and all the exterior work needed to restore your home following a major storm.

We provide a lifetime warranty on all full roof replacements we complete—and unlike storm chasers, you can trust that we’ll be around to make good on that warranty. We’re also certified by top home exterior brands like Owens Corning and James Hardie. The next time storms strike, reach out to the Xtreme Exteriors team and we’ll provide a full inspection and start the repair or replacement process right away.