The Impact of Nixa MO Weather Patterns on Local Properties

storm clouds gathering illustrating severe weather common in Nixa, MO

For Homeowners in Nixa, MO, Keeping an Eye on Weather Is Essential

For many who’ve called this area home for years, Nixa is an ideal place to live. Conveniently located with city-sized amenities, small town charms, and plenty of good schools, there’s little to dislike. However, one threat to peaceful life here in Nixa, MO is our weather and climate, as we get more than our fair share of storms, extreme temperatures, and more.

As leading local contractors in siding, roofing, and other home exterior services, our team here at Xtreme Exteriors has seen the toll Nixa’s weather patterns can take on local properties. Our storm damage restoration team is often busy throughout our tempestuous summers, and the threats to properties are varied. Here are some of the major Nixa, MO weather patterns your home must be prepared for.

Severe Storms

Here in Nixa, we’re subject to severe storms bringing all manner of damaging threats, including hail, high winds, and more. Here’s how these storms can impact your home.


Hail is a very common threat to roofing systems in areas that are especially hail-prone. While not as hail-prone as states like Colorado and Texas, Missouri still ranks in the top ten. Residents will certainly remember storms sweeping through our area and pelting cities like Bolivar just on the other side of Springfield.

In addition to roof damage, hail can severely impact siding (especially vinyl), gutters, decks, and more.

High Winds

When it comes to damage related to weather, wind damage may be more common than hail for us here in Nixa, MO. The Great Plains is the windiest portion of the US, and with our location in southwest Missouri we’re just on the edge of this region.

Some of our worst storms in 2023 brought damaging winds gusting as high as 70+ mph. High sustained or gusting winds can damage shingles on roofs and fling debris that may impact siding, windows, and other portions of your home.


The damage potential of tornadoes should need no description—and as longtime residents of Nixa know, our community has been heavily impacted by tornadoes in the past. On top of that, Tornado Alley has unfortunately migrated eastward, leaving Missouri right in the thick of things.

For homeowners in Nixa, MO, it’s crucial to keep an eye on weather forecasts during tornado season to stay safe. While there’s little you can do to protect your home, it’s critical to protect your family in the event of severe weather.

Hot Summers

Summer in Nixa is hot, muggy, and often damp. This is the height of storm season—whose threats we’ve covered above—but the heat itself can impact your property as well.

Prolonged direct sunlight can cause roofing, siding, and decking materials to fade in color, depending on the material. In addition, swings between the soaring temperatures of midafternoon and the cooler temperatures at night cause materials to expand and contract. This is part of why materials deteriorate with age, as the stress of repeated expansion and contraction begins to weaken frames, wood, metal, and other materials.

Strong Winter Weather

While Nixa, MO is just barely in the southern half of the United States, we certainly get our share of winter weather. Here in Nixa, we average more than a foot of snow per year, and while temperatures may tend more toward “brisk” than “cold,” we’ve certainly seen some deep freezes.

Much like with summer, temperature fluctuations in winter are common, which can stress roofs, decks, and more. In addition, water can freeze in various cracks and crevices, creating damaging situations for your home.

Trust Xtreme Exteriors as Your Go-To Storm Damage Experts

As you can see, homes in Nixa, MO have quite a bit to withstand when it comes to extreme weather. From severe storms to major temperature swings, weather damage, deterioration, and aging can build up year over year.

That means it’s very important to schedule regular home inspections covering your roof, siding, and more. At Xtreme Exteriors, our storm damage team is standing by to complete an inspection and make sure your home is in good condition. Schedule your inspection today!