Rogers, AR: How NW AR’s Severe Storms Impact Properties

Dark clouds in the evening above a home with lights on at Xtreme Exteriors in Rogers, AR

Rogers, nestled in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, is home to all 4 seasons. Centrally located in Northwest Arkansas, Rogers gives residents a sparse suburban feel. However, as much as we love it here, we are also no strangers to severe weather patterns.

Our team of storm damage experts at Xtreme Exteriors understand those weather patterns. We have provided storm damage services to the community on numerous occasions following the storms. Let’s review how local weather patterns affect our homes here in Rogers.

Seasonal Weather Shifts

The transition between seasons, especially from winter to spring, bring sharp changes in temperature in Rogers. These transitions can create volatile weather, including severe storms that may produce hail, damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and even an occasional tornado.

Hot Summers

Summers in Rogers are characterized by humidity and heat. This kind of weather can increase the severity of storms and contribute to the formation of strong thunderstorms, which can quickly develop and pose a risk to homes.

Direct sunlight can cause materials like roofing, siding, and decking to fade and break down over time from the UV Rays. The swings in high afternoon temperatures and cooler evening temperatures cause materials to expand and contract. This contributes to materials breaking down and weakening over time.

Find out how local weather affects homes in RogersWinter Weather

Although Rogers, AR typically sees a mild climate throughout the year. It is not without wintery conditions. December through February tend to provide the most opportunities for snowfall and freezing rain. Water can find its way into various cracks and crevices, creating damage to your home that can easily go unnoticed for a while.

High Winds

Low-pressure systems and cold fronts bring with them the chance of high winds. These winds have the potential to do damage to your home’s roof and exterior siding. Regular home inspections that include your roof, siding and decks are important for all homeowners to make sure your home continues to provide your family the protection it deserves.


Hail is a common occurrence throughout middle America. Here in Rogers, we are not exempt from this threat. Although the risk is much lower than hail-prone states like Texas, Arkansas has seen its share of hailstorms.

Tornado Alley

Although it is a rare occurrence, Rogers can be occasionally affected by tornadoes. The effects of tornadoes can be devastating, so it’s necessary to keep up with weather alerts during the spring and summer to better protect yourself and your home. While there is little one can do to protect our home during a tornado, protecting our family is critical during severe weather.

Weatherproof Your House with Xtreme Exteriors

While Rogers may maintain a mild climate compared to other parts of the state, we aren’t exempt from experiencing severe storms. At Xtreme Exteriors, we understand the unique weather challenges in our area.

As a local, family-owned business our storm damage teams are standing by to help your family when a storm strikes and keep your home protected. Contact us today for a free inspection, or visit our office in Rogers and have a look at our showroom.