How to Prepare Your Home for a Siding Project

a home that recently had a siding install or replacement completed

Preparing Your Home Will Ensure Your Siding Install & Replacement Goes Smoothly

Fully replacing your siding is a major project that requires adequate preparation to ensure work is completed efficiently and smoothly. While your siding installer will complete much of the prep work ahead of time, there are still a few things you can do to expedite the siding install and replacement process.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we’ve found that siding installation projects go smoothest when everyone is on the same page—including the homeowner, the installation team, and any third parties, such as suppliers or distributors. If you’ve scheduled a siding install or replacement project, here are a few steps you can take to prepare your home.

Make Space for the Installation Team

Your siding installation team will need to access each portion of your home’s exterior, covering the entire circumference of your home. This means it’s essential to leave as much room as you can so that your siding replacement team has enough room to install your new siding.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to clear around two to three feet of space from every area of your home that you can. While some things can’t be moved, such as plants and landscaping—more on these in a moment!—it’s a good idea to remove obstacles like lawn furniture, hoses, toys and sports equipment, and other objects that may get in the way. Be sure to clear your patio as well, including any furniture or outdoor grills.

Trim Back Plants

If your landscaping includes plants close to your home, consider trimming and pruning them to create a clearer path to your home. While there’s no need to drastically cut back all of your plants, making sure the most unruly shrubs are well manicured will make the siding installation process easier. This also helps to protect your plants against accidental damage.

Of course, any plants that may have been placed in planters could also be moved if they’re close to your home’s exterior walls. 

Leave Room in the Driveway

Oftentimes, it’s a good idea to move your car in advance of any siding install or replacement project. Leaving room in your driveway will provide a space for the installation team to safely park without blocking your street or damaging your lawn.

Most siding installers will also handle debris removal and cleanup, which typically will require a dumpster. The best place for a dumpster is typically your driveway, as well.

Finally, moving your car to the street or inside your garage will prevent possible damage during siding removal.

Secure Interior Items

While most preparations will be completed outside your home, it’s a good idea to secure items on the inside of your home as well. Although it’s unlikely, vibrations from a siding install or replacement project can cause wall-mounted objects like pictures and paintings to fall down.

To play it safe, you may wish to remove these items before work begins.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Last but not least, it’s important to protect your loved ones throughout the siding installation process. Replacing your siding means the area near your home will temporarily become a work zone. Before cleanup occurs, there may be stray nails or debris that could create hazards for children and pets alike.

The best way to protect your loved ones is to simply keep them away from active work areas until cleanup is completed. You may also consider arranging for pets to stay with friends if they’re particularly sensitive to noise or strangers.

Schedule an Initial Inspection Today!

Whether you’ve already booked a siding install or if you’re considering a siding replacement for your home, it’s always good to know what preparations you’ll need to make to help the project go smoothly.

At Xtreme Exteriors, our team always communicates clearly with customers throughout the siding replacement process. This includes reminding homeowners of when work is scheduled and providing tips for preparing your home ahead of time. That’s just part of why we’re known as the Midwest’s #1 James Hardie installers.

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