Small Repairs Make a Big Impact

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All too often, homeowners think their repair project is too small to ask for help, or they let minor issues mount up because their lives are so busy, or even more often, they don’t know who to call when a variety of problems exist.

We’ll make it easy! Call Xtreme Exteriors—because we love small projects. By addressing minor issues as they arise, they don’t become significant issues.

Examples of small projects include inspecting your home’s soffit and fascia, cleaning gutters, and repairing or replacing cracked or leaking windows and siding.

The trim board facing you on the roofline is know as fascia. The soffit is the underneath part of your eaves. If your soffit or fascia is loose or missing, small rodents (squirrels, chipmunks, etc.) can get in your home’s attic space and cause damage. Birds will also access your attic and build nests. Repairing or replacing aged or storm-damaged soffit and fascia will eliminate access by your four-legged and winged neighbors, ensuring they don’t make your home theirs.

Compromised energy efficiency, mold, and insects are just a few of the problems that can quickly arise from leaking windows or missing, loose or cracked siding.

We also clean and inspect gutters to ensure they’re working correctly, and that stormwater is flowing away from your home and not toward your basement or foundation.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we offer residential and commercial replacement windows, both fiberboard and premium vinyl siding, roofing, doors, soffit, fascia, gutters and rain management systems. From small to major repairs and complete remodeling services, let Team Xtreme nail it right the first time!