The Clarksville TN Community Comes Together After Devastating Tornado

downtown Clarksville in Tennessee

Xtreme Exteriors Helping Rebuild with Storm Damage Restoration in Tornado-Impacted Areas

While the winter months are ordinarily quiet when it comes to severe weather, residents of Northern Tennessee saw a sudden tornado outbreak this past December. At least 11 tornadoes swept through the area, causing multiple injuries and deaths as well as widespread property damage. This has left homeowners to pick up the pieces, and storm damage restoration companies like our Goodlettsville team have been busy helping residents rebuild.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we’re first and foremost a company of families. While much of our work is about making home exteriors beautiful, storm damage restoration means so much more, as we help families to feel safe and secure again following powerful storms. Here’s how our team has contributed in Clarksville, Nashville, and surrounding areas following this severe weather outbreak.

A Sudden Outbreak of Tornadoes

The storm outbreak occurred on Dec. 9, as severe storms raced through Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. Multiple tornadoes were reported, with the National Weather Service reporting at least 11 tornadoes were confirmed. Later reports indicated that as many as 18 tornadoes may have emerged.

Many communities were impacted by this outbreak, even in areas where tornadoes weren’t spotted. In addition to tornadoes, the storm brought torrential rains, high winds, and large hail, all of which resulted in significant property damage. While some homes were destroyed, others sustained damage to roofing, siding, decks, gutters, and other exterior portions.

Our Storm Damage Restoration Team Has Been Hard at Work

As full-service home exterior contractors, our team here at Xtreme Exteriors has expertise in all areas, from siding to windows, doors, roofing, and more. This means that, when it comes to storm damage restoration, our team is able to contribute in all areas to repair and restore homes.

Our Goodlettsville team has provided siding installation and replacement, roof repairs, window replacements, and other services to help address properties that were damaged during this storm outbreak. If your home was impacted by these storms, reach out to book an inspection from our team.

The Community Comes Together

While rebuilding efforts are now well underway, early responses were prompt and strong within the community. Many leaped into action to search through wreckage for potential victims of the storms and bring aid to areas that were hit hardest. 

Residents and nearby individuals offered aid in various ways. For instance, a pair of Austin Peay State University employees helped to coordinate emergency responses, using drone technology to speed up the process of assessing damage and identifying priority areas that were heavily damaged.

Meanwhile, many other home services companies and storm damage restoration experts have come through the area to lend their services. This has helped to speed up repairs and restore the homes of many individuals throughout Clarksville and nearby areas like Goodlettsville and Nashville.

Standing By for Storm Damage Restoration

At Xtreme Exteriors, we pride ourselves on local ownership and involvement in the communities we serve. When storms strike, our local teams are always prepared to provide emergency repairs and help families pick up the pieces. 

Whether you live in Goodlettsville, Nashville, Clarksville, or elsewhere in Central Tennessee, our team is standing by to complete your storm damage restoration. From roofing and siding to windows, doors, and more, we can handle it all at Xtreme Exteriors. Reach out today to book an inspection!