The Ultimate Checklist for Planning Your Dream Deck 

a deck built by the custom deck builders at Xtreme Exteriors

Looking for Local Deck Builders? Follow These Steps to Plan Your Project

Between barbecues, family gatherings, and just relaxing outside in the evening, summer is the perfect time to enjoy your deck here in Kansas City. But if you still haven’t completed your deck, or if you’re just starting to plan, it’s not too late to work with local deck builders to add outdoor living space to your home.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we take a unique approach to deck building, taking extra steps throughout the process to ensure our decks are of the highest quality. As the area’s leading composite deck builders, our goal is to provide a space for you and your family to enjoy for decades. Here’s how to start planning your deck.

Find the Right Contractor

While some homeowners may want to try tackling their deck project DIY, we highly recommend finding a team of trusted local deck builders to complete the project. While DIY can save you money in the short term, it also costs a great deal in terms of your own time and labor—and you’ll likely end up with a higher-quality end result if you work with a contractor who has decades of experience in custom decking.

Set a Budget

It’s important to set a budget or ideal price range for your deck. As you do so, make sure you’re accounting for all the factors. For example, will there be any pre-work required before your deck can be installed? This may include landscaping work to level off the ground underneath your deck (depending on the style you’re going with) or any teardown, such as if you’re replacing an existing deck.

Decide on the Size and Style of Your Deck

Decks come in all shapes and sizes. Before starting your deck project, it’s good to sit down and consider what you’d like to be able to do with it. Do you need a dedicated space for a grill? Does it need to be fit around a pool area? What kind of railings do you need, and do you need a gate for the deck? 

Each of these factors will impact the final cost to build your deck, and planning ahead will ensure your deck is able to serve every function you need from it. If you’d like to see how different types of deck will work with your home, we recommend using our visualizer tool.

Choose the Right Materials

For decks nowadays, homeowners generally will be choosing between wood and composite decking. While natural wood has a classic look, it is also subject to a number of potential drawbacks, including higher maintenance demands and the potential for rot and pest problems. 

Composite decking, meanwhile, is longer-lasting and generally more durable than wood, making it a great choice for just about any home. 

As you evaluate materials, do your homework on different manufacturers, as well. TimberTech and Fiberon lead the way in composite decking and it’s important to assess their product offerings to find one that you like.

Work with the Local Deck Builders at Xtreme Exteriors

Here at Xtreme Exteriors, we aim to make the deck building process as seamless as possible from start to finish. Our composite decks are simply better due to our commitment to superior quality, including higher-quality framing and deck designs that incorporate more supports overall. 

Our deck building team loves to design custom decks to best serve the needs of our customers. When you call on our team, we’ll collaborate with you to design the perfect outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team or stop by the Xtreme Exteriors showroom nearest you:

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