Tips for Re-Siding a House

Tips For Re-siding a house text over a grey siding textured background

Now that you’ve decided to re-side your home, it’s time to take action. As with most remodeling projects, there’s a process involved. Don’t rush in. Take your time, and you will be happy with the results. Relax, we’re experts at helping homeowners work through the decision-making process and ensure each job is expertly completed within budgets and timelines. 

Step 1


Drive around your community and snap photos of home exteriors you like. Make a Pinterest board of your favorite home styles and colors. Browse real Hardie homes in our XE project gallery.

Search James Hardie products and experiment with the James Hardie Home Color Tool for more inspiration. Then use their guide for gathering information to determine what will make you happiest with your home.

Step 2


A contractor can help you plan for your project’s costs. It may take time to be on the contractor’s schedule and obtain any needed financing.

Step 3


Now that you have a budget, you can set the wheels in motion. Request a quote to learn which James Hardie (fiber cement) or Alside (premium vinyl) siding is best for your project, and to create a schedule for achieving your re-side.

Step 4


Once you have a game plan (for example, re-side this year, save up to install trim next year), list the exact materials and manpower required to complete your project within budget and on schedule.

Step 5


Contractors are used to getting follow-up calls weeks or months after an initial meeting, and it’s worth the wait to find a contractor you trust. At Xtreme Exteriors, we take pride in the work we do and sincerely hope you choose to work with us. We’re proud to have earned Elite Preferred Contractor status with James Hardie® and Preferred Contractor status for Owens Corning® roofing materials. We’re also a top area contractor for Alside vinyl siding, windows, and rain management systems.

Step 6


During the re-side, your new siding will take up substantial space on your driveway or yard. Be ready. Cabinets and pictures may rattle from exterior hammering, so take precautions indoors, too. If you are a pet owner, you may need to make special arrangements for your pet to be either inside the home or away from the home to improve the safety of both your pet and our crew, but also to reduce your pet’s anxiety.

Step 7


After all that work, your re-side is complete. Your home looks beautiful. You can relax, admire your home’s exterior, and celebrate a job well done. Congratulations! We love happy homeowners and look forward to future projects and referrals.