Top 3 Siding Choices for 2024

vertical board and batten siding representing a top style trend in 2024

Here Are the Top Siding Style Trends We’re Seeing in 2024

For homeowners looking to transform their property with new siding, the choices are truly endless. From material options like fiber cement and vinyl, various siding styles to change the character of your home, and of course virtually limitless color options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right products for your home. In this situation, it can be helpful to look at siding trends, and in 2024 there are already a handful of top siding styles.

Xtreme Exteriors is the leading siding installer in the Midwest. We love helping homeowners choose the perfect new look for their home—then transform it in front of their eyes. While siding is much more than just the style you choose, we find this is a great place to start! Here are the top three siding style trends for 2024.

Board and Batten

Board and batten siding gives any home a distinctive look, and homeowners are loving this style so far in 2024. This form of siding comprises vertical planks (boards) whose seams are then covered with strips of molding (battens). 

Unlike more traditional siding options, board and batten has a vertical orientation with prominent seams. This gives your home a clear and obvious texture, which can add a striking look to the profile of your home.

Many homeowners are choosing this style for its unique appearance, as they feel it gives their home a modern farmhouse look. What’s more, this style of siding works with a wide range of colors. As the Midwest’s leading James Hardie installers, we’re particularly fond of their board and batten products.

Shake Siding

For even more texture, shake siding is a popular choice. Shake siding is a form of shingle siding that is meant to emulate wood shake. While true wood shake siding is not recommended, many manufacturers have developed synthetic products that can imitate this iconic appearance.

Due to the intentionally uneven pieces, shake siding will not produce the same clean lines you see with products like lap siding and board and batten. This typically lends a more rustic, old-school appearance to homes, and this appearance is emerging as one of the more surprising siding trends in 2024.

What’s more, while shake siding has typically produced a rustic look, newer synthetic shake products are available in a much broader array of colors. This means homeowners can get the texture of shake siding without being confined to wood tones. Alside Ascend is a popular collection featuring various wood look siding styles.

Lap Siding

While unique siding styles like board and batten or shake have been popular choices, one of the enduring siding trends of 2024 for homeowners has been keeping things simple. Lap siding is as popular as ever, and this traditional look is perfect for a wide range of homes.

Lap siding is the most traditional style of siding, with horizontal boards layered across one another in an overlapping fashion. It’s a classic look that suits basically any home. 

Homeowners looking to achieve a more subtle curb appeal with their home may pair lap siding with more prominently styled trim, shutters, doors, and windows. On the other hand, for those looking to add color to their home, the straightforward style of lap siding can help keep the look from being too overwhelming.

Lap siding is widely available from many leading manufacturers, giving homeowners a wide range of high-quality products to choose from.

Xtreme Exteriors: The Midwest’s Top Siding Installers

At Xtreme Exteriors, our team has unmatched expertise in siding installation, and our team of experts works with many top manufacturers like James Hardie, Alside, and more. If you’re still not sure what style, color, or product will look best for your home, we recommend trying our home visualizer tool to start generating ideas.

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