The Hidden Threat of Wind Damage: Why an Inspection Is Critical

Tree laying on house causing damage after a large storm

An Inspection Can Help Reveal Subtle Signs of Wind Damage

When it comes to roof and home exterior damage, the classic example is the hail storm that leaves homes in a widespread area devastated. However, here in Missouri we face many more threats to properties besides hail alone. Many homeowners may not realize it, but wind damage is particularly common in our area, and it often will require a close inspection to reveal.

Xtreme Exteriors is the leading roofing and home exterior contractor serving homeowners throughout the Midwest. In our time here in Nixa, we’ve seen more than our share of damaging storms, and each year brings its fair share of threats. Wind damage can be subtle, but it can compromise your home all the same. Here’s why you should watch out for wind damage this year—and how an inspection can help protect your home.

Storm Season Is an Annual Event

In Missouri, our storm season is most active in the spring months—but damaging storms can bring hail, high winds, tornadoes, and more at almost any time of year. We’ve already seen major storm systems pass through Nixa and the Kansas City area farther to the north, and more is always on the way.

This means it’s essential for homeowners to be prepared and arm themselves with the knowledge they need to protect their homes from damage. 

Signs of Wind Damage Can Be Subtle…

While it isn’t always obvious, hail damage is often easy to spot with the naked eye. Large hailstones leave telltale dents and dark spots on roofs and siding, giving homeowners a clear sign that it’s time to schedule a storm damage repair.

Wind damage, on the other hand, can be much trickier to spot unless it’s truly severe. For example, wind damage may surface as:

  • Faint lines on shingle roofs indicating missing asphalt granules
  • Missing shingles (in extreme cases) or crooked shingles (indicating they’ve been loosened)
  • Dings or scratches on siding from debris flung against your home

…but Equally Threatening to Your Home

Despite the subtlety, wind damage can be just as problematic for your roof and the rest of your home. For instance, by loosening shingles on your roof, wind creates an opportunity for moisture to penetrate the exterior layers to the underlayment below. Given time, this can result in leaks and water damage inside your home.

In addition, debris kicked up by high winds can do similar damage to hail with enough force. This can result in dents, cracked shingles, and other vulnerabilities. 

A Wind Damage Inspection Will Reveal Issues

If your home was in the path of major storms featuring high winds, it’s often wise to schedule an inspection after storms have passed to determine whether you sustained wind damage. This is a good practice as you’ll be able to react quickly if there is any damage to be found, preventing major roofing or other issues down the line.

How much wind is needed to damage your home? Older shingles may be blown off at wind speeds of anywhere from 25–50 mph in some circumstances, but wind speeds of around 40–50 mph are typically considered “damaging.” Wind speeds over this amount—say, 60–80 mph—can easily cause significant damage, both from the wind itself and by kicking up debris, knocking down branches, and creating other hazards.

Schedule Your Wind Damage Inspection from Xtreme Exteriors

As the Midwest’s leaders in home exterior services, our team at Xtreme Exteriors is more than familiar with the storm threats our customers face each year. We’re always standing by to lend a hand—and as a full-service home exterior contractor, we’re your one-stop shop for siding, roofing, window installation, and more. 

If your home has been affected by damaging storms, reach out to our team to schedule a comprehensive inspection for wind and storm damage.