Siding & Window Replacement: Increase Your Home Value & Save

Siding & Window Replacement Increase Your Home Value & Save

Siding and window replacement services are crucial for the longevity of a house. Homeowners understand this, and so do we. At Xtreme Exteriors, as the Midwest’s leading home exterior contractor for over two decades, we have had the privilege of helping local communities maintain and increase the value of their homes.

Drawing from our extensive experience, it’s best to complete siding and window replacement simultaneously.

Why Siding and Window Replacement Should Be Done Together: Top 3 Benefits

Increase Your Home Value & Save with Xtreme ExteriorStop Paying High Energy Bills

Stop throwing your money out of drafty windows! A combined approach to exterior siding and window replacement is crucial for energy efficiency. A house is like a sealed container. If some parts of the seal are outdated, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems work harder to maintain your comfort.

When upgrading the siding, replacing the moisture barrier to prevent water infiltration, and modern windows, you can reduce heat transfer. Replacing your windows and siding together provides an opportunity to ensure proper flashing is in place, further enhancing your home’s weatherproofing.

Unified Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

Siding and windows are an integral part of house aesthetics. Getting them done together will increase the curb appeal for two important reasons. An appealing look from the street delights both homeowners and visitors, improving the living experience. It boosts your home value, as it creates a positive first impression on potential homebuyers when they approach the house from the sidewalk.

Replacing siding and windows together gives your house a unified look. Envisioning how your house will look after the renovation is commonly difficult. Our experienced crews assess your needs and offer a wide selection of materials to ensure a perfect solution to fit your style. Our siding visualizer takes out the guesswork and allows you to generate a preview of your new look in just a few clicks.

Streamlined Project Management & No Hassle

Finding the time and resources to complete the house projects can be challenging. Our experienced crew can remove the old siding, inspect and replace the moisture barrier, install new windows, and put up the new siding in one go.

We have two decades of experience completing exterior renovation projects. Plus, you will have peace of mind having one point of contact for the entire project. Our expert project managers eliminate your need to coordinate schedules with different contractors.


Replacing Siding and Windows: Which One Should Be First?

The protective covering placed around window frames needs to be replaced when the siding is removed. Not replacing windows first could cause you to pay for it to be replaced twice. However, there are times when replacing the siding is more urgent than the windows. Our expert crew can complete a no-hassle inspection of your current windows and help to explain what your house needs.

How Often Should You Replace Siding?

Sidings come in different materials. Vinyl siding may need to be replaced every 20 years. Fiber cement sidings are recommended to be replaced every 50 years, while aluminum sidings usually require replacement after 20-40 years. We only use the best products the industry has to offer backed by our Lifetime Labor Warranty.

What Type of Siding Adds the Most Value?

Fiber cement adds the most value to houses due to its energy efficiency, leading to lower cooling and heating bills. Fiber cement sidings also offer more durability and a better aesthetic. As the #1 James Hardie Installer in the Midwest, we work with you to provide the highest quality products within your budget. Have a look at the top 3 siding trends in 2024.

How Much Money Can New Windows Save Me?

According to the US Department of Energy (DoE), the heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for up to 30% of heating and cooling energy use. Our window installation team has many years of experience ensuring your windows stand up against the demands of your climate to increase efficiency to maintain its ideal temperature.

Do Home Exterior Contractors Offer Financing?

Yes, at XE, we believe that local exterior companies should never use high-pressure sales tactics and rush customers. That’s why we provide flexible financing options to help you complete your exterior renovation projects.

Get in Touch with Xtreme Exteriors for Professional Siding and Window Replacement

Xtreme Exteriors is the #1 James Hardie installer in the Midwest. We offer a large selection of materials for siding projects, while our array of window styles will fit any preference. With our combined siding and window replacement approach, you’ll enjoy unified curb appeal that boosts your home’s value and saves you money. Contact the Xtreme Exteriors team today for a free consultation on your window and siding replacement.